Presenting 1.1

IGMC2017 has ended and the prize gone to a worthy dev, so what now? Time to patch our stuff, of course.

We recently uploaded Die Totenmaske 1.1. It's mostly a collection of small map tweaks and useful stuff like a lower encounter rate, tweaked enemies and skills, and consumable items working outside combat. There's also a Mac build for Californians and headbutting remains the thinking man's strategy, but if any of this is too casual for you or you still want to wear Widebrims on your arms we're still keeping the original release around.

There's a lot in the pipeline for Die Totenmaske's future, so stay tuned and we'll post more neat stuff soon-ish.

Files 247 MB
Dec 28, 2017
Die_Totenmaske-Linux-1.1.tar.xz 237 MB
Dec 29, 2017
Die_Totenmaske-MacOS-1.1.tar.xz 234 MB
Dec 29, 2017

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